Our Company

Through Serralheria Coelho’s all history, we have been serving a vast and sophisticated public, with a wide variety of services. We are ever seeking innovations to stand out in our competitive market, we count on a team of high-qualified professionals, employing the best materials available to our works, so that we can ensure the comfort, security and satisfaction of our clients

Through serious and high-quality work, we earn the respect and preference of our community, consolidating our positing as the best metal work company in Lagoa Santa.


To promote exquisite metalworking conjoint with environmental sustainability.


To keep being the best metal work company of the north vector region.

  • Healthy Relationships: To uphold  ethic and respect in the relationship with clients and suppliers as well with the whole community.
  • Sustainability: We employ only high-quality materials, prioritizing  the employment of reusable materials.
  • Cooperation to promote a continuous cycle of improvement.